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Latest updated information: A treatment of skin pigmentation, pores and scars with enhanced laser technology and emphasis on safety and longer lasting results – Pico Laser Singapore

Pico Laser Singapore: 2024 Complete Guide With Pricing


Image: Pico Laser Singapore – What can Pico Laser be used for?

The word “Pico” has recently gained a lot of traction as the new buzzword in aesthetic medicine. It has also become one of the most requested aesthetic treatment in Singapore.

Picolaser is not a brand or name of a laser machine, but refers to a type of laser technology.

In essence, “Pico” in the word “Picolaser” refers to picosecond: ie: 1/1000 of a nanosecond or one trillionth of a second. Picolaser uses high frequency laser technology in which the laser is fired with a very short pulse duration – in picoseconds. This is in contrast to older versions of Q-switched lasers, in which laser beams are delivered in pulse durations of nanoseconds.

What is Pico Laser for? Is it really better than alternatives?

PICO laser can be likened to an upgrade of the Q-switched lasers. Q-switched lasers despite their efficacy was limited by problems such as burns, blisters, hyper- or hypopigmentation, especially in more complex cases requiring higher powered treatment.

Lower risks of complications

PICO lasers, due to their shorter pulse duration theoretically produces more of a photo-mechanical rather than photo-thermal effect when used in treatment of pigmentation or tattoos, therefore resulting in lower risks of laser related complications.

Before we go into whether pico laser is better, we will first have to divide the discussion into each specific skin concern treated.

PICO Laser For Skin Pigmentation & Tattoo Removal

PICO laser can be used to treat Tattoos.

In treatment of skin pigmentation or tattoos, energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigments which subsequently heats up the pigment molecules (melanin or ink particles). These molecules get shattered by laser energy into smaller particles. These smaller particles are then absorbed and drained by the human immune system.

PICO laser has much shorter pulse duration therefore is able to better harness the photo-mechanical effect by delivering a high amount of energy in a shorter amount of time to almost physically shatter pigments like how soundwaves shatter.

This results in better clinical results per treatment and also allows lower energy to be used in PICO laser, resulting in lower risks of side effects such as post treatment hyperpigmentation.

PICO Laser For Pores & Scars, Skin Rejuvenation

PICO laser has also been shown to be effective in treating skin texture problems. It has been shown that the results from serial treatment of acne scars with PICO laser are comparable to a series of fractional ablative laser treatments.

picolaser singapore
PICO laser can be effective for pores & scars.

The newer PICO laser machines using the DLA (diffractive lens array) or MLA (micro-lens array) can concentrate laser light to produce micro injury under the skin known as laser-induced optical breakdowns (LIOB). This allows skin to heal by collagen and elastin stimulation and deposition in the deeper layers of skin bypassing the superficial layers of the skin. This results in less superficial skin damage and less down time compared to traditional ablative lasers such as CO2.

In other words, scars such as rolling and box scars as well as uneven skin texture and large pores can be treated effectively with PICO laser.

How Do I Pick The Right PICO Laser Treatment In Singapore?

Often, we get asked which PICO laser is better. The fact is, there is very little evidence to show that one PICO laser is better than another. The differences in the PICO laser machines are merely technical detail – ie. Which wavelengths are provided by the machine, what pulse duration are the laser beams being produced at, as well as the maximal power of the machine. These matter more to the doctor holding the machine than to the patient. Ultimately, the treatment outcome relies on multiple factors such as skin type, skin colour, types of pigmentation and the person operating the Laser machine – the doctor.

What you should really be looking out for are:

  1. The doctor’s diagnosis, consultation and treatment protocol agreed upon.
  2. Proper and holistic care of the diagnosed condition – these may include skin conditioning prior to laser treatment and pre and post laser care.
  3. Trust in the doctor’s expertise

In short, going to a doctor who can diagnose your condition correctly, and treat it as it should be treated is more important than the brand of the machine.

Are There Any Downtime, Side Effects Or Risks Associated With PICO Lasers? – Pico Laser Singapore

In the treatment of pigmentation and tattoos, PICO lasers are generally accepted as being safer than traditional Q-Switched nanosecond lasers in the right hands. Risks of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and hypopigmentation has been shown to be lower in PICO lasers than in traditional nanosecond lasers.

Slightly drier skin and redness.

After treatment with lasers, depending on treatment indication, the skin may be slightly drier in the first few days after treatment. In treatment of scars or skin texture, temporary redness of a few days, occasionally microbruises and mild discomfort under the skin may be seen.

Can My Condition Be Treated With PICO Laser Treatment? – Pico Laser Singapore

The first and most important step before embarking on any form of treatment or procedure is to have the correct diagnosis. We always advise speaking to your doctor regarding your concerns and skin condition, have an in depth discussion with your doctor, before deciding if PICO laser is the way to go, or if there are better alternatives for your condition.

What Is The Price Of PICO Laser In Singapore? – Pico Laser Singapore

Price of PICO laser in Singapore ranges from $300 – $800 per session.

At S Aesthetics Clinic, PICO laser is $118 – $450 per session depending on the individual’s condition. For details of the pricing, please contact our clinic directly. 

In line with the phased reopening of services by the Singapore government, MOH has allowed attendance at our clinic for diagnosis and treatment of a limited number of conditions. These include acne, worsening pigmentation and screening of suspicious skin growths.

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