Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing Singapore – What You Need To Know

What is Fat Freezing? – Fat Freeze Singapore

Cryolipolysis, or commonly known as fat freezing or coolsculpting, is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses controlled cooling technology that freezes away unwanted stubborn fat cells.

Why Fat Freezing? – Fat Freezing Singapore

Considering the precious time and money invested in dieting regimens and gym memberships, fat freezing with Clatuu Alpha is the ideal solution for the ultimate fat reduction experience in Singapore.

The non-invasive treatment reshapes the body using a non-invasive cooling procedure that targets only fat cells and leaves surrounding tissue unharmed, making it a perfect alternative to liposuction without potentially risky invasive treatment.

Clatuu Alpha is uniquely designed with 360° Surround Cooling Technology for ultimate safety and efficiency. The multiple cooling cups fit all curves and contours from your chin all the way down to the knees to deliver absolute, non-invasive fat cell destruction function.

What Areas Can You Treat with Cryolipolysis?

*Double Chin


*Abdomen (Upper & Lower)

Inner thighs

Bra line & Back fat


Under buttocks

*Love Handles

fat freeze singapore

Various Applicators Available For Different Areas of the Body

fat freeze singapore

How does fat freezing work?

Let’s get scientific…

The Clatuu Alpha targets the fat cells under your skin. Machine applicators suction the skin and subcutaneous layers.

Cooling energy from the device then freezes and crystallize fat cells to induce cell destruction.

Crystallized fat cells are then removed permanently from the body through natural body metabolism.

Remaining fat in the treated area becomes leaner. Treatment can be repeated 4 to 6 weeks later.

What does fat freezing feel like?

Doctors will assess your concerned body areas to determine if this treatment is suitable and safe for you. Treatment can be initiated almost immediately if deemed suitable.

During the first 5 minutes of the treatment, you will experience deep tugging and cooling sensation on the treated area. This sensation will then reduce and you will start feeling a firm tugging or pulling. The whole process is very comfortable and painless. Most people can rest comfortably, sleep, read or watch videos on their portable device.

Each treatment takes approximately 60 minutes.

After treatment, you will experience mild numbness and redness around the treated area which will disappear within 1 day.

Sometimes, you may experience mild achy sensation and sensitivity over the treated area for 1 week.

When can I see results after starting fat freezing treatment?

Most people can start seeing improvement as soon as 3 weeks after the first treatment. Results are generally more noticeable after a few sessions of treatment.

Treatment can be repeated after 4-6 weeks to maximize fat loss.

Why is Fat Freezing so Popular?

NO surgery

NO downtime

Extremely convenient

Customized treatment plan

Real results

Watch the video below to understand more. – Fat Freeze Singapore