Defend Your Skin with Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops, Your Ultimate Full-Spectrum Anti-Ageing Shield for Youthful and Clear Skin 

Day in and day out, without us knowing it, our skin is battling the damage—discoloration and photoaging—instigated by the constant exposure to a spectrum of external harsh elements (we’re talking the sun’s rays—both visible and invisible to the naked eye; the blue light from our devices, and even the undetectable aggressors such as those emanating from the regular light bulb in your home).  

To brush up on your Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 101 basics, this is what we’re up against: 

  • UVB rays cause tanning, sunburn and erythema 
  • UVA rays cause ageing and pigmentary disorders 
  • HEV rays generate free radicals that cause photoaging 
  • Visible light damages protein cells and DNA, and also accelerates skin ageing and induces discolouration 
  • Infrared light degrades elastic and collagen fibres 

It’s a lot. What now? 

While you may already be navigating a slew of tried-and-tested, over-the-counter and prescription products sitting on your bathroom counter, the S Aesthetic Clinic has a superhero serum your skin never knew it needed—the Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops—until now. 

A must-have and additional step to your skincare protection and maintenance arsenal, this serum is a powerful supplement to sunscreen and is your hot ticket to radiant, youthful skin that defies the cruel effects of the sun and time. Living in the tropics is a given. However, any age group, skin type, and genetically- or lifestyle-liable individual would do well to embrace this secret weapon and add an extra layer of protection against environmental stressors.  

Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops go beyond traditional sunscreens; Formulated with Arkana’s trademarked ingredient, CityStem™, it guards your skin against HEV and visible light as well as pollution while removing toxins from your skin. Not only does it shield against the obvious harmful rays of the sun, but stands in the way of damage caused by other forms of “pollution,” both outside and inside the confines of your home. For instance, it guards against the blue light being emitted from your electronic devices such as your phone and computer screens. This means you can enjoy your screen time without worrying about it taking a long-term toll on your skin.  

The drops should be applied daily in the morning, so as you’re getting ready to literally face the day ahead, and prior to your reaching for sunscreen, add the miraculous Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops to your skincare equation. 

A five-step approach is recommended, starting with the application of toner. Then you add a few drops of the serum onto your face, neck, and cleavage, gently massaging it in, and followed by your regular serums, daily moisturizer, and then sunscreen. The ultimate goal here is that even if your sunscreen is unevenly distributed, Arkana’s Full Spectrum Protect Drops has you covered. For optimal sun protection, ensure the product’s application is at least 20 minutes prior to exposure to the sun and reapplied every two hours, while sunscreen ought to be reapplied every three-four hours. 

And the benefits don’t stop there. These drops are also packed with a powerhouse of antioxidants, including natural carotenoids like phytone and phytofluene, as well as encapsulated complexes of vitamins A, E, and C. These antioxidants work together to combat the effects of photoaging compounded by oxidative stress, leaving your skin looking youthful and radiant.  

The best part? Not only does this protective cloak for your skin shield it from the harmful effects of UV, VIS, and HEV radiation, the lightweight formula makes for an ideal base for makeup, ensuring effortless integration into your daily regimen.  

Moreover, while prevention of external damage is one thing, it also nourishes and hydrates from within while strengthening your skin barrier. Thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid, your skin is left feeling plump, smooth, and deeply moisturised, all day long. The serum also boasts a potent blend of ingredients, including a powerful dose of vitamin D3-like, which acts as a broad-spectrum sunscreen, safeguarding your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. This means you can step out into the sun, absolutely care-free, knowing that your skin is fully protected. 

These wonder drops provide a comprehensive anti-aging solution that addresses your SPF needs. By combining powerful full-spectrum filters with nourishing antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, Arkana’s Full Spectrum Protect Drops provide unmatched protection and rejuvenation for your skin.  

Say hello to a complexion that glows with health and vitality so you can step out into the world with confidence, knowing that your skin is fully protected against whatever the day throws at it. 

For better results, use this product in tandem with the Arkana Full Spectrum Vitamin Drops in the evening. 


Avoid eye contact, discontinue if irritation occurs. Consult a dermatologist for pre-existing conditions. Use with sun protection during prolonged sun exposure. Store in a cool, dry place, and keep away from children. 

Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops come in a 30ml bottle and are available at S Aesthetics Clinic and S Aesthetics Clinic website. 

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