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Latest 2024 Updated Information – Skin Tag Removal Singapore

What are skin tags?

skin tag removal singapore

Skin tags are benign flesh-coloured skin growths that can appear on any part of the of the body. Common areas are the armpits, neck, eyelids and groin folds. They affect almost everyone at some point of their lives.

Skin tags can sometimes be mistaken for skin warts because they look similar in appearance.

Why do I have skin tags?

Skin tags appear spontaneously. It is in your gene.

Skin areas that are subject to more friction and stretching are more prone to skin tags.

Pregnant women, middle aged and overweight adults are more likely to develop skin tags.

Are skin tags harmful? – Skin tag removal Singapore

Skin tags are completely harmless that they do not affect your general health in any way. Most of the time, they do not cause any discomfort or pain. You may not even notice that you have skin tags in certain areas.

Since they are harmless, it is not necessary to remove them unless:

  1. they appear in awkward places where they snag on your clothing or jewelry
  2. they are very prominent that they bother you cosmetically
  3. they keep getting irritated and inflammed by movement and friction
  4. you just do not like them
  5. you do not know if it is most than just a skin tag and wish to get it checked by a doctor

Skin tags on the face and neck bother people the most because they cause cosmetic concern.

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How do I get skin tags removal? – Skin tag removal Singapore
If your skin tags are bothering you, consult a doctor to get them removed. Skin tags can be easily removed by laser or electrosurgery treatment. They can be removed immediately and they usually do not grow back at the same place. Recovery time is about 1 week. Skin tags can also be frozen off with cryotherapy. However after cryotherapy, it takes time for them to fall off. Therefore, most patients prefer getting them removed immediately. Note On Skin Tag Removal: DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE SKIN TAGS YOURSELF BECAUSE THEY MAY BLEED OR GET INFECTED IF NOT DONE PROPERLY.
Is skin tag removal painful? – Skin tag removal Singapore

Numbing cream and/or local anaesthesia (painkiller) injection will be given before treatment. The only pain you may feel is the painkiller injection. Small skin tags usually only require numbing cream before the procedure.

Is skin tag removal safe? – Skin tag removal Singapore

Removal of skin tags by certified doctors in Singapore is generally a very safe procedure. It is important to consult a professional doctor for this.

Telling the difference: Is it a skin tag or wart?

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell the difference. If this is the case, consult a doctor to be sure. Skin tags are soft and smooth but warts are rough in texture.

Skin tags usually hang off the skin but warts are flat.

Skin tags do not spread but warts can spread around other parts of the skin. Therefore, a sudden outbreak of skin growth is more likely to be warts.

If you have skin tags that you wish to get removed, visit us at S Aesthetics Clinic to speak to our doctors.

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