Struggling with pigmentation problems?

It is small consolation to know that you are not suffering in insolation. A great number of other people are also suffering from similar problems, especially in a hot and sunny climate. People with delicate skin are even more susceptible to pigmentation problems that may cause self-esteem and aesthetic issues. While many aesthetic clinics may promote a one-size-fits-all solution to all your pigmentation woes, fact of the matter is that there is no one solution that can magically make all pigmentation problems disappear in an instant, simply because there are so many skin types. Treatment often requires meticulous diagnosis, customized treatments according to your skin type, and finally consistent and pragmatic follow ups to ensure long term sustainable results.

Diagnosing the right type of pigmentation problem

Common pigmentation types in Singapore namely include melasma, freckles, Solar Lentigo, Hori’s Naevus, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and seborrheic keratosis. Do not worry about the scientific terms or to make sense of the types of pigmentation problem. The point is to understand that there are a wide array of pigmentation types and causes and it is best left to certified professionals to make an accurate diagnosis. Only with the right diagnosis may an effective treatment plan be implemented. And because the different pigmentation types may look similar to the untrained eye, and because a few pigmentation types may overlap each other, it is all the more important to seek the appropriate treatment right from the beginning to prevent aggravating the matter, which in turn could also lead to greater costs and image issues.

Seeking the right type of treatment – OTC Medication VS Certified Professional

While over-the-counter (OTC) medications may be effective for a specific cause of pigmentation problem, it is only possible after correct diagnosis of the underlying cause and type of your pigmentation issue. For this very reason alone, people with go straight for OTC medications often return with negligible results, sometimes even with aggravated symptoms. OTC medications, if necessary, should only be paired with professional medical advice. It is also important to note that certain pigmentation issues may only be treated by medical grade medications, which may only be presribed by a certified doctor and may not be bought over the counter.

Undergoing the right treatment

Once the appropriate treatment has been formulated following a professional diagnosis, treatment may range from 10 – 20 minute single session to 10 or more session treatments depending on the severity and type of pigmentation issue. It is beyond the scope of this article to properly advise you on the types of treatments suitable for you. Treatments may range from simple topical medications to laser based treatments. The cost may range widely from $65 to over $2160. It is therefore important to speak with your doctor on the requirements of treatment and costs involved. Do not self-medicate before seeking professional advice as this may aggravate your condition.


What to expect after treatment for pigmentation issues

In general, one may expect improvements of between 40% to 90%. The percentage improvement is also dependent on factors such as longevity of treatments, severity of condition and experience of medical professional.

With S Aesthetics Clinic, our doctors are have handled numerous cases of the different types of pigmentation problems for both local and expats. An established brand in the field of Medical Aesthetics, you can count on us to solve your pigmentation woes at wall-friendly budgets.

Will my pigmentation issues come back?

Pigmentation problems caused by sun exposure tend to recur more readily than other types of pigmentation issues. In cases where chances of recurrence are high, it is important to have a consistent skincare regime in place to ensure long term, sustainable effects after treatment. Often, a good suncreen and simple skin protection measures are more than sufficient to ensure your skin stays free from pigmentation issues. Be sure to check with your doctor as well on what constitutes a good sunscreen and skin protection regime. A small, consistent effort over time can potentially save you huge amounts of costs in treatments and medications! It will be well worth the investment in time and effort.

Contact S Aesthetics Clinic today to speak with a medical professional on your pigmentation woes.

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