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Aesthetic clinic with a special focus in skin, beauty and hair aesthetics.
Transforming beauty since 2016.

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S Aesthetics Clinic: Elevating Beauty Beyond Skin. We offer high quality medical aesthetics services and medispa treatments for all-encompassing beauty care at competitive prices in the heart of Orchard road. These issues range from skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, melasma, eczema, psoriasis, and skin aging. 

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Featured Treatments

Pico Laser

Starts at SGD 108
Pico lasers, due to their shorter pulse duration theoretically produces more of a photo-mechanical rather than photo-thermal effect when used in treatment of pigmentation or tattoos, therefore resulting in lower risks of laser related complications.


Starts at SGD 450
An upgrade on the well known SecretRF treatment is the SecretDUO, which is a multi-purpose 2 in 1 device able to perform both radiofrequency microneedling treatments as well as non ablative skin rejuvenation with a 1540nm Erbium Glass laser.


Starts at SGD 188
The technology uses ultrasound waves to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin to stimulate and tighten collagen fibres. This helps to lift and tighten skin in a controlled manner without causing damage to the skin with minimal to no downtime.


Starts at SGD 688
Dermal fillers are gel made up of hyaluronic acid that can be used to restore volume and youthfulness in the face. As we age, the fat and collagen in your face start to disappear. Dermal fillers, if used correctly, can help restore volume and improve sagging.
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