What do you first see when you look at someone? Our attention is often drawn to eyes and nose first. 

A higher, sharper and more defined nose enhances facial features and makes you look more elegant and attractive.

Why go through surgery to make your nose higher? You can have a better nose without putting yourself at risk of surgical complications.


This can be achieved with 2 non-surgical nose augmentation treatment:

1) Nose Filler

2) Nose Thread Lift

Nose filler and nose thread lift treatment can be done alone or in combination. In Singapore, it is important to let a qualified doctor assess your nose and your desired outcome to determine which treatment suits you. Most of the time, a combination the two treatment may be required to achieve a more defined nose.


Filler contains hyaluronic acid that can be injected into the nose area to sculpt and augment the nose. Nose filler can improve the height and projection of the nose.

Is it painful?

A numbing cream is usually applied before the procedure to minimise discomfort. Most people can tolerate this procedure very well. Filler itself contains local anaesthesia (painkller) that reduces discomfort.

Any downtime or side effects?

Unlike surgery, nose filler has minimal or no downtime. You may experience tiny needles marks and redness which disappear very quickly. Sometimes, you may experience bruising which resolves within 1 week.

Rare complications include infection, skin necrosis and even blindness if nose filler is performed by an inexperienced injector. Our doctors will discuss potential rare complications with your before the treatment.

How long does it last?

This varies from person to person. Nose filler typically lasts for about 12-18 months.  You can have repeated filler treatment done when the effect wears off. Consistent treatment gives you longer lasting results.


Nose Thread Lift, when used alone or in combination with nose filler, is able to lift and shape your nose bridge and nose tip, making your nose look higher and more defined.

How does it work?

Our signature Korean Nose Thread Lift technique uses polydixanone (PDO) screw cog threads obtained directly from Korea. PDO threads are 100% bio-compatible and absorbable. They are safe, effective and long lasting.

These fine threads are inserted along the nose bridge to improve the height, and the nose tip (septum) to improve the projection of the nose. The result is immediate.

They dissolve over time and stimulate collagen formation, giving a long lasting lifting effect.


Is it painful?

Numbing cream is applied over treatment area to minimise injection pain. Local anaesthesia (painkiller) is then injected into the treatment area to numb the nose before thread insertion. Most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort during painkiller injection.


Any side effects? Downtime?

Nose thread lift a very safe procedure. We use high quality PDO threads from Korea. They are reliable with good safety profile.

Needle marks and redness over the treatment area are expected, which will resolve within 1-2 days. You may experience bruising over treatment area which may take 3-5 days to resolve.


How long does it last?

This varies from person to person. Generally, nose thread lift lasts for about 12 months. Repeated treatment improves the nose over time and gives a long lasting result.



When it comes to nose augmentation, the most commonly asked question is, “Which is better? Filler or thread lift?

There is no perfect answer to this question. Filler and thread lift are both very useful in nose augmentation. There are risks and benefits pertaining to each treatment.

Often, doctors need to combine filler and thread lift to get the best from both worlds. Filler provides adequate volume and threads act as a scaffolder to hold the nose in place. Combining the two can usually yield a better and longer lasting outcome.


Non-surgical nose treatment in Singapore is safe, effective with minimal downtime. If you wish to find out more, do not hesitate to visit us at S Aesthetics Clinic to speak to our doctors.

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