Four Types of People Who Get Disappointed by Skin Booster Treatment

Skin Booster 水光针 and  Rejuran 婴儿针 has been a craze lately. If you are not familiar with this treatment (where have you been?), it is basically a treatment that involves a series of tiny injections of hyaluronic acid and/or polynucleotide into your facial skin for anti-ageing and hydration purpose.

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Skin booster is undoubtedly one of the most sought after skin rejuvenation treatment. However, there are a number of people who get very disappointed with the results of the treatment. This group of people will quickly hop to another clinic to try another round of skin booster treatment, often ending up getting disappointed again.

Why is this happening?

Answer: expectation vs. reality.

If you one of the four types of people mentioned below, you will be disappointed with skin booster treatment.

1. People who expect immediate drastic changes

Skin booster treatment is not a photo filter app, Instagram filter or 美图秀秀. It is not able to instantly transform your skin to a beautiful flawless skin. Skin booster improves skin hydration and collagen synthesis therefore improves your skin gradually. It takes time to see result over weeks or months.

Your skin deteriorates over years with sun and environmental damage. Logically, it will take time and patience to improve with any treatment.

2. People who expect a permanent result from one treatment

Skin booster will not produce drastic changes that last forever after only one treatment. Even plastic surgery does not last forever.

Improving skin quality requires time and patience.  Most people will require multiple sessions of treatment to see visible improvement. Subsequently, maintenance treatment is required to show progressive improvement.  Results from treatment usually last for about 6 months.

No treatment will give you permanent results, not even plastic surgery. Only the patient ones will enjoy the outcome of skin booster treatment.

3. People who expect to suddenly become as fair skin as Fan BingBing

Let’s be honest here. No treatment in the world will turn your face fair or white suddenly. Every person’s skin is genetically programmed to have specific amount of melanin that determines the skin colour. Nobody can change that. And pale skin does not equal healthy skin.

Skin booster helps improve skin tone, skin texture and skin quality, therefore promoting a healthy skin. If you expect your skin to become fairer suddenly, you will be very disappointed.

4. People who expect a change in face shape and a face lifting effect

A common misconception is that skin booster can lift saggy face. Hyauronic acid dermal fillers, if used correctly, can be used to lift saggy face and augment face shape and. Skin boosters contain a much softer form of hyaluronic acid. They are meant to be injected into the skin layer to improve skin quality. It is not for face lifting.

Face lift can be achieved with many other treatment options.

If you wish to improve your facial skin, skin booster is a good treatment for you. However, if you are one of the four people mentioned above, you have to think twice before spending on skin booster. If you are not sure, consult your doctor so the best treatment option can be recommended to you.