Cleviel Contour Dermal Filler

Everything You Need To Know About The Hottest New Filler You’re in the know, so you’ve definitely heard about Cleviel Contour, the hottest new Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler on the market. There’s been plenty of talk about it, so we got our doctors to dispel the myths, and tell us why this HA filler is […]

Tattoo Removal With PicoLaser

As permanent tattoos grow in popularity, so too have requests for laser tattoo removal. In the past, tattoos were removed by surgical excision – a technique which resulted in severe scarring and downtime. Latest generations of Picosecond Lasers (“PicoLasers”) are able to remove tattoos effectively and safely – laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo […]

Slimfit – High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic Muscle Stimulator Device

They say crunches help to create the sculped tummy you always want, with results improving as we do more repetitions. So, what if you could do 20,000 crunches at a go without breaking a sweat? You can find out what with the SlimFit HIFEM (High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic) muscle stimulator device, which stimulates 20,000 supramaximal […]

SecretDUO- Two Effective Treatments Working In Synergy

 An upgrade on the well known SecretRF treatment is the SecretDUO, which is a multi-purpose 2 in 1 device able to perform both radiofrequency microneedling treatments as well as non ablative skin rejuvenation with a 1540nm Erbium Glass laser. Each treatment takes about 20-30 minutes in two parts: Firstly, radiofrequency microneedling is performed to […]

HIFU Treatment Singapore – What You Need To Know

  1. What is Hifu – At A Glance HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The technology uses ultrasound waves to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin to stimulate and tighten collagen fibres. This helps to lift and tighten skin in a controlled manner without causing damage to the skin. Examples of […]

Injectable Skincare Singapore

long pulse laser for acne

Medical aesthetic ‘tweakments’ have become increasingly popular in the last few years. From bo and fillers to lasers and skin injectables, people have come to accept and embrace treatments that subtly enhance features and rejuvenate faces and complexion. Amongst the latest, injectable skincare is one of the latest up-and-coming anti-ageing ‘tweakment’ of the hyaluronic acid […]


SKIN TIGHTENING & FIRMING WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The New Non-surgical Face Lift is a non-invasive treatment to contour the face, tighten skin, pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 2021. What is Thermage & Thermage FLX? Thermage FLX is the 5th generation iteration of the popular Thermage treatment in Singapore. It is […]

PDRN Treatment Singapore

Why is PDRN treatment so hot? Simple response to this is because it functions….and it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to perform the treatment; the treatment isn’t expensive. Additionally, it doesn’t cost legs and both arms unlike any lasers to supply the treatment, in order to get the results. Another reason why it’s […]

Back Skin Clarity Treatment

Back Skin Clarity Treatment is a popular back acne and acne scars treatment in Singapore. The skin on the back is very prone to acne and acne scars because of the constant contact and exposure to the sun and environmental oxidants. However, the back is also one of the most ignored parts of our body! […]

PICO Laser in Singapore – Pigments, Pores, Scars and Tattoos

PICO LASER SINGAPORE @ $108 NETT Effective, Affordable & Long Lasting Skin Treatment Useful For: Pigmentation Acne Scars Pores Dull Skin Contents – Pico Laser Singapore Overview of Pico Laser treatment. What is Pico Laser? Is Pico Laser better than the alternatives? Pico Laser for skin pigmentation & tattoo removal. Pico Laser for pores, scars […]

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