Non-surgical Nose Job

Fillers are fast becoming the go to method of correcting deficiencies or asymmetries in our faces. And this is ever more evident with nose fillers.

Years ago, people had to turn to plastic surgery and rhinoplasty to correct or enhance or change the shape and structure of their noses. Rhinoplasty is still popular and provides a long term/permanent solution. However, the costs, downtime and recovery process of undergoing a major surgery are big factors to consider.

With the advent of nose fillers, we can correct, enhance and define a patient’s nose, without the high costs and downtime of a major surgery. And the effects can be seen immediately.

There has been an increasing trend towards getting nose fillers amongst Asian patients. In general, compared to Caucasians, most Asians have a flat or depressed nose bridge and a small nose tip. Nose fillers can be used to elevate and define a flat nose bridge. Fillers in general fill up a lack of volume/space (hence the term fillers). And so, areas of the nose (the bridge and tip) that are deficient in volume, can easily be filled up. This enhances the shape and structure of the nose, giving the patient the nose type that they desire.

How Long Is The Procedure

The procedure itself does not take long, from 10 to 15 minutes. Several small injections via a needle or cannula (blunt tipped needle) will be used.

As with any injection, there may be some bruising or swelling at the site of injection, but this is transient and will disappear after several hours. To ease any discomfort, numbing cream will be applied prior to the procedure.

What Kind Of Fillers Do We Use

At S Aesthetics Clinic, the nose fillers used for the nose are part of the Juvederm range by Allergan, in particular Volux. Volux is one of the newer products made by Allergan in recent years. Volux is ideal for the nose as it is firmer than other fillers and so provides better definition. It also lasts longer than other fillers.

Like the other fillers in the Juvederm range, Volux is a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the body and so there is almost a zero chance of rejection or allergies. The fillers are also dissolvable and so if any corrections need to be made, it can be done easily without the need for surgical intervention.

S Aesthetics is also proud to introduce Cleviel Contour, the latest HA filler on the market. Developed in Korea, Cleviel Contour has the highest HA content (50mg/ml). Together with its patented 4L cross linking technology, Cleviel Contour has a minimal risk of spreading and lasts longer than other fillers. This makes it ideal for shaping and contouring the nose.

What Is The Downtime

As mentioned above, other than slight bruising and swelling, there is little or no downtime and after the procedure, the patient can continue with his/her daily activities and routines. The only precaution that patients must take is not to go for any facial massage, especially in the first 72 hours after injection.HA fillers will integrate well with the tissues of the body, giving a natural look. This integration takes time however. Over a period of several days at least. During this time, before full integration has taken place, if there is any strong forces applied to the face (by massages or otherwise), the fillers may move/migrate or even flatten out and the shape of the nose can be distorted.

HA nose fillers can also be used to correct any asymmetry as well. Asymmetry in a nose can be a result of an old injury, a surgical complication or even a poorly done nose thread procedure.


Overall, nose fillers are an easy way to get the nose shape and height that many want, without the major complications of a surgery, all in under 20 minutes!

At S Aesthetics Clinic, we will do a thorough assessment and history and give you the optimal treatments available. Our skilled doctors will give you the desired outcome with minimal or no complications.

Dr Ashley Yuen

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Non-surgical Nose Job

Nose fillers are a popular cosmetic procedure in Singapore. The nose is one of the most prominent features on the face, and many people feel self-conscious about its shape or size. Nose fillers can help to create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance, and they can also be used to correct imperfections such as a crooked nose or a bulbous tip. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, and there is no need for surgery or recovery time. Nose fillers are an increasingly popular option for those who want to improve their appearance without going under the knife.

Also known as nose injections or nose jobs, nose fillers are used to add volume to the nose, smooth out bumps and contour the nose. There are a variety of nose filler materials available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common nose filler material is hyaluronic acid, which is safe and effective but temporary. Other nose filler materials include collagen and fat grafts, which are permanent but can be associated with more side effects. Nose fillers are typically injected into the nose using a needle or cannula. The injection site and amount of nose filler used will depend on the desired result. Most people report satisfaction with their nose filler results and experience minimal side effects.

Nose fillers can help to improve the appearance of the nose, by adding volume and definition to the nose. Nose fillers can also be used to correct nose deformities, such as a crooked nose. Nose fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. Nose fillers are injected into the nose, using a very fine needle. The treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes, and the results can last for up to 12 months. Nose filler treatments are typically very safe, and there is minimal risk of complications. However, as with any injectable treatment, there is a small risk of bruising, swelling, and redness.

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Non-surgical Nose Job

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose, but don’t want to go through surgery, a non-surgical nose job may be a good option for you. This minimally invasive procedure can change the shape of your nose without the need for an incision or downtime.

A non-surgical nose job is typically a much safer alternative to surgery, and it can be just as effective in achieving the results you want. Some of the benefits of non-surgical nose jobs include:

1. Increased confidence – A non-surgical nose job can help you feel more confident in your appearance, which can have a positive impact on your overall self-esteem.

2. No scars – Unlike surgery, a non-surgical nose job doesn’t leave any scars on your face.

3. Quick results – You’ll see noticeable changes immediately after your procedure.

4. Low risk of complications – The risks associated with non-surgical nose jobs are much lower than those associated with surgery.

5. Affordable – Non-surgical nose jobs are generally much affordable than procedures involving surgeries.

6. Customizable – You can choose the level of customization that you want for your non-surgical nose job.

7. Minimal downtime – You don’t have to take any time off from work or your normal routine following a non-surgical nose job.

8. Natural results – The results of a non-surgical nose job look natural and are long-lasting.

9. No anesthesia required – You won’t need to be put under anesthesia for a non-surgical nose job.

10. Quick and easy procedure – The entire procedure usually only takes around 30 minutes to complete.

If you are considering enhancing the looks of your nose, a non-surgical nose job may be the best option for you. This procedure is quick, easy, and requires no anesthesia. You can achieve natural-looking results with a non-surgical nose job, and there is minimal downtime involved. So if you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your nose without undergoing surgery, a non-surgical nose job may be the perfect solution for you.

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Non-surgical Nose Job

There are plenty of reasons why a rhinoplasty (or more commonly referred to as nose job) would be on anyone’s radar. From repairing defects and damage to cosmetic purposes, rhinoplasty can dramatically change an individual’s appearance by restructuring them.

However, there are a few reasons why someone may be hindered from pursuing such a surgery; with potential post-op difficulties, long recovery period, and high costs, the surgery is reserved for those who can afford not only the cost, but also the time.

Thankfully however, technology has progressed to allow rhinoplasty without any invasive surgical procedures.

What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of injectable fillers that focus on the small changes in one’s nose. Not only do these small adjustments translate to big improvements in appearance, the fillers themselves are also dissolvable and easily reversible should one decide against it.

It is also important to note non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed purely for cosmetic reasons. Physical restructuring of the nose to alleviate certain deformities still requires an individual to perform surgical rhinoplasty instead.

Types of non-surgical rhinoplasty

Nose Thread Lift
As the name suggests, the procedure uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads to lift and shape the nose until the desired effect is reached. The fine threads are inserted under the skin whilst stimulating collagen to provide a new set of support for the nose. Not only are the threads 100% bio-compatible, and absorbable, effects can be seen immediately after the procedure is done.

Nose Filler
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers are injected into the nose to provide the desired lift effect. Local anaesthesia will be administered first before the HA fillers are injected in the tip and bridge of the nose.

Nose Job

Who requires non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty may be beneficial for people looking to:

  • Fix a bump or hump at the bridge of their nose
  • Lift their nose profile (especially cases of broad, wide, or flat nose)
  • Fix any asymmetrical features on their nose
  • Lift a droopy nasal tip

Benefits and Advantages

There are numerous benefits to doing non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Treatment is short. In most cases, the entire procedure will last 10 – 15 minutes.

  • You gain natural-looking results immediately.
  • If you are not satisfied, the results can be reversed.
  • No surgical scarring means there are no visible signs of the procedure whatsoever.
  • No downtime is required.

How long will the surgery last?

A nose thread lift procedure can be expected to last around 1 – 2 years, while injectable fillers will last around 1 – 1.5 years, due to the body gradually breaking down the fillers. Fortunately, to maintain such results, a patient can repeat the treatment as frequently as they like with no adverse side effects.

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Nose Job

Dermal filler treatment has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments ever since it was popularised by Hollywood celebrities and influencers such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Information about dermal fillers is widely available on the internet and social media. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions and confusion regarding filler treatment. For the purpose of this discussion, the fillers that I refer to in this article are the more commonly used fillers these days such as hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. 

I am going to clear some of the misconceptions my patients have regarding dermal fillers treatment.

Misconception #1: I can use 1 syringe of filler to treat every part of my face

I often get patients who request to use only 1 filler to treat multiple areas, presumably due to budget concern or the fear of having too much fillers injected in the face. For example, a patient may ask for 1 filler for the chin, the under eye and the lips. 

There are 2 issues here. Firstly, different areas of the face have to be treated with different types of fillers. Secondly, 1 filler is often insufficient to treat so many different areas. 

There are many different types of fillers designed for specific areas of the face. For example, fillers for the chin (such as Restylane Lyft, Juvederm Volux and Belotero Intense) are what we commonly refer to as hard fillers. These fillers are designed to sculpt areas that require definition and absolutely cannot be injected in the under eye areas.

Therefore in this example case, this patient will require at least 3 fillers to treat the 3 areas mentioned – 1 hard filler for the chin, 1 hard filler for the temples and 1 soft filler (such as Belotero balance, Juvederm volbella or Teosyal Redensity II) for the under eye areas.

In other words, 1 filler is often not suitable or insufficient to treat multiple areas of the face.

Misconception #2: I will look worse if I stop doing fillers

A very common misconception is that once you start filler treatment, you will never be able to stop, because once you stop and the fillers wear off, you will look worse and older than before.

Some people also use this as an example of being “addicted” to injecting fillers.

Fillers are designed to restore volume loss and lift the skin to produce a more youthful look. With an adequate amount of fillers injected in the right place, I repeat – in the right place, it can help make your face look younger than your actual age. 

Once injected, fillers also stimulate your skin collagen production. Therefore after just one filler treatment, you will look better than when you started even after fillers have disappeared over a period of time. After repeated treatments, the results last longer and longer.

However, one day if you decided to stop doing fillers, it is absolutely fine. The fillers that have already been injected into your face would have done its job of delaying and interrupting the continuous ageing process of your facial skin. 

Don’t get me wrong. You will still continue to age. But you WILL NOT look worse than before you have had any filler treatment. In fact, you will look younger than your actual age.

Misconception #3 : Filler treatment makes my face look weird and unnatural (often quoting examples of Hollywood actress)

You may have seen pictures of celebrities who look more and more horrible over time, presumably from botched cosmetic treatment. Yes, filler treatment may be one of the culprits, but this is often due to poorly done or excessive cosmetic treatments they receive over the years – a combination of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

As I mentioned before, an optimal amount of fillers injected in the right place with the right technique will never make your face look unnatural. In fact, a good filler treatment result is often “invisible”.

One of the biggest problems with filler treatment nowadays is excessive treatment or overfilling. This is often due to 2 reasons: patients keep asking for more fillers, and doctors fail to tell patients that more fillers will be too much for them. Excessive treatment will almost always result in a weird and unnatural looking face. Fillers, when administered by an experienced doctor, should produce beautiful and natural results. 

Misconception #4: Filler treatment is easy. I can get it done by anyone.

Filler treatment can only be performed by well trained and qualified doctors. Filler injection is an extremely complicated procedure. It requires an extensive understanding of human facial anatomy, a professional facial assessment skills and a well trained pair of hands to deliver the injection safely and effectively.  

Your doctor will need to understand your concerns and expectations, and explain to you how he or she can help you achieve a realistic result. Filler treatment is a complex procedure. Please do not get it done by just anyone.

Misconception #5: I am paying too much for the filler product. I would rather go to a cheaper place. 

Filler treatment prices vary in different places. A common scenario is when patients “shop” around for the cheapest price and make a decision on where to get filler treatment done based on which place offers the lowest pricing. 

Many people fail to realise that when it comes to cosmetic treatment such as filler injection, you are paying for the skills and professionalism, NOT the product. 

Let me give you an example. If you need a good haircut, you will pay a good hair stylist to cut your hair. You are paying for the hair stylist’s skills. You are not paying to have a pair of scissors and just let anyone cut your hair. Similarly, if you wish to have a good filler treatment, you will be paying for the doctor’s professional skills, not the filler product.

Having said that, the type of filler products being used do play a major role in the pricing of the filler treatment. As the saying goes, you get what you paid for. It is important to ask what fillers your doctor will be using on your face because safety is still the top priority when it comes to cosmetic treatment.

Misconception #6: The longer lasting the filler is, the more bang for the buck I get

There are many different brands of fillers out there. The common brands that are approved in Singapore are Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane and Teosyal fillers. Each brand has a whole range of different fillers that have different longevity, consistency, cohesivity and character.  Many patients tend to request to have the “longest lasting” filler because of the idea of making the money spent more worthwhile. Very long lasting filler may not necessarily be a good thing. In fact, it may potentially cause more problems in the future such as infection and formation of hard lumps (granuloma). 

We need to understand the ageing process well in order to understand why temporary (short term) fillers are the choice of fillers for most doctors these days. Skin ageing is a continuous process. Therefore, any cosmetic or anti-ageing treatment, including filler treatment, has to be intermittent and ongoing. A long term filler, once injected, stays with you for a long time. However, the filler does not automatically mold or change its shape and consistency according to how your face changes when you age. If it sticks around for too long, you may end up looking odd and unnatural. 

By using short term fillers, your doctor will be able to treat you at different stages of your ageing process effectively and safely. 

Misconception #7: If my friends did not notice that I have had fillers done, it is a waste of money – the doctor must have done a terrible job

As I mentioned earlier, a well done filler treatment is often “invisible” – no duck lips, pillow face or louhan fish forehead. In my practice, I often stress the importance of looking natural after filler treatment. If your filler can be specifically pointed out by a lay person, it usually means that it is not done well or there is too much filler being injected. When administered by an experienced doctor, the result should look natural and not dramatic. 

A skillfully done filler will have your friends commenting that you look more refreshed, younger or more attractive, but they will never be able to work out what treatment you have undergone. 

So the next time your friends did not ask you if you have had fillers done, do not worry. Your doctor has most likely done a very good job!        

I hope I have successfully clarified some of your misunderstanding regarding filler treatment. Please remember this the next time you wish to have fillers done : Safety is of the utmost importance. Choose your doctor carefully. Talk to your doctor, let your doctor assess your face thoroughly, address your concern and plan a good treatment based on your budget. Trust me, you will get the most out of your money this way.

Re-adjusting your nose and making it look incredible is not as hard as you might imagine. With the right nose fillers you can easily make your nose look perfect in no time. This procedure allows you to eliminate all imperfections naturally and it allows you to finally enjoy a unique, impressive visual appeal.

Are nose fillers safe?

When you take the nose filler Singapore procedure, your primary concern should be its safety. Thankfully, you never have to worry about this type of stuff. The reason is simple, nose fillers are known to be extremely safe, they aren’t a surgical procedure and that’s a good thing. The best part about nose fillers is that the dermal filler is injected both above and below the bump on the nose. Once the filler is injected, it can be manipulated so it will look a certain way. Basically it helps you make your nose look more refined and thinner. Plus, the muscle will pull the nose down, maintaining that natural look.

Since there’s no surgery involved, nose fillers are safe, but you do need a dedicated and reliable professional to help you with this. There are injections involved here, so everything needs to be clean and heavily sterilized. But if you handle everything correctly results can be second to none, and you will be incredibly impressed with the results every time, that’s for sure!

The benefits of using nose fillers?

Some people might argue that nose filler Singapore injections might not be needed. But these are very good especially if you want to avoid any surgery. We all know that surgeries can have complications, here you don’t have to worry about anything like that. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and you have less downtime too. There’s no need to recover from an injury, not to mention there are no repercussions or side effects either. Surgical rhinoplasty doesn’t provide perfect results and the recovery times are very long.

With a nose filler Singapore you get to recover very quickly, and the best part is that there’s no pain involved into any of this. It helps immensely, especially if you want to avoid pain and ensure that everything works in a proper manner. Yes, there will be challenges along the way, but in the end this will be one amazing experience you do not want to miss.

Are nose fillers permanent?

Maybe the best thing about any nose filler Singapore procedure is that this is not permanent. All nose fillers are temporary, they will last only for a few months. That’s great, because you can adapt and adjust based on the situation. It’s easy to eliminate any problem with the nose filler in just a few month. Obviously a surgery is a lot more complicated and any repairs can be very challenging to make, not to mention super costly.

One thing is certain, opting for a nose filler Singapore is a very good idea if you want to improve your look and achieve that perfect visual appeal you always wanted. All you have to do is to find the right company that provides affordable and reliable nose fillers, then you are good to go!

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A high nose bridge is being associated with the perfect beauty and recognized as a sign of sophistication. These are some basic reasons why people with low nose bridge are going for the surgical processes to have a nose lift. But not everyone wants to go through a surgical process to have a nose lift to alter the shape and appearance of the nose.

A lot of people are looking and trying the procedures which can be safe, less panic and have the ability to give the best and natural results. Nose Fillers can be the best solution for such people who are looking for a safe treatment to lift their nose. But before having this procedure, you must know about some important things.

Things you need to know about nose fillers

Following are some important things that everyone must know about the nose fillers to clear all your doubts

1. Nose Fillers can refine the texture of your nose

2. More amount of nose fillers is not a better option for every time

3. Consult your dermatologist before using Nose Fillers by yourself

4. Nose Fillers can last for a long period of time with ease

5. Style of every doctor can be different

Nose Fillers can refine the texture of your nose

When fillers are injected in your nose, they can improve hydration of the skin. As they have varying level of plasticity, hardness, and cohesivity. Once it is going to be injected into your skin, it can refine the skin by lifting and minimizes the pores.

More amount of nose fillers is not a better option for every time

Although nose fillers are known as the most convenient alternative to plastic surgery. But keep in mind that if you are not going to use nose fillers on a consistent basis, you are not going to look worse. But you have to be careful while using this procedure. It is because overfilling can cause a problem.

Consult your dermatologist before using Nose Fillers by yourself

Before thinking about to use nose fillers, you have to consult with your dermatologist. It will be better for you to know which nose filler can work better for you. You may get better suggestion regarding this by from your dermatologist.

Nose Fillers can last for a long period of time with ease

The effect of Nose fillers can last for a long period of time. And it has become possible only due to advancements in the technology with every passing day. A newer generation of the nose fillers has the ability to last for more than 18 months with ease.

Style of every doctor can be different

It is always important to understand the style of your doctor. It is because not every doctor is going to treat you in the same way. But if you want to examine the difference, then you can ask your doctor to give you a before and after picture to see the difference.

Severe complications can occur, but it can occur in rare cases only. So, it is always better to have a proper conversation with your doctor before getting treatment.

Humans are never satisfied with the faces they are given. They always want a few changes in their faces which often call for surgeries or other treatments. When it comes to the nose, extremely few people have beautiful noses and most are often disappointed with it. We all want our noses to be narrower and beautiful in all terms. For this purpose, various treatments are available around the globe. Among those is surgical nose job which is rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty which is also called nose-fillers. Nose fillers are a lot better than traditional rhinoplasty because it has lower risks while the outcomes are similar.

What are nose fillers?

Nose fillers are a non-surgical treatment that requires injecting of Hyaluronic Acid fillers inside the skin. The fillers are used to sculpt the nose by adding volume to the nose with preciseness. These are made of the acid’s gel which is compatible with the human body.
Nose fillers are given to add height and projection to the nose by first applying the numbing formula on the nose and then the fillers are added to the bridge and tip of the nose. Mild swelling can occur at the injection point but these effects subside after a day. The nose fillers last up to 12 months after the treatment.

Benefits of the nose fillers:

The non-surgical procedure means less risk, fewer side effects and less downtime while giving similar results. By injecting these dermal fillers below and above the bump of the nose, most noses can become completely straight. Moreover, by applying it on the tip, the noses become thinner and refined. By further applying Botox in the depressor nasalis which is the muscle that pulls down the nose, the tip of the nose is lifted further. The nose fillers take just five minutes and are painless to improve the shape of the nose. Whereas the surgical rhinoplasty takes longer to work usually a month or even more and sometimes the result is also not accurate.

The pros that the non-surgical nose fillers entail are as follows:

1. Nose fillers provide control over the results, during the procedure the patients can look themselves in the mirror and give feedback.
2. It does not require long painful recovery. The surgical rhinoplasty requires post-operative visits for follow up and downtime while the nose fillers do not.
3. The nose fillers have fewer risks as compared to the surgical nose job.
4. The nose fillers are reversible and can be dissolved anytime with a dissolve injection.
5. It is affordable since it is quick and simple therefore it is only a fraction of the price of the regular nose job.
6. The results of the nose fillers are immediate and noticeable, so the patients are self-assured and relaxed.
7. The nose fillers are also referred to as “15 minutes nose job” because it is very fast, effective and painless.

The nose fillers a better option as compared to the surgical procedures and one must give it a try.

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