Going To An Aesthetic Clinic In Singapore

Aesthetic clinics in Singapore offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments to help patients improve their appearance. These treatments can be used to correct a number of aesthetic concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and pigmentation issues. In addition, aesthetic clinics can also provide non-invasive treatments such as botox and fillers to help patients […]

SAC Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

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At our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments to help you achieve your desired look. Whether you are looking for a face lift, botox injections, or fillers, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve the results you desire. We understand that everyone is unique, and as […]

Dupixent: Hope for those with eczema

For those with eczema, dealing with flare-ups entails chronic discomfort and constant worry about the next time they have to endure itching and pain that comes from this condition. This long-lasting condition does not just make skin itchy, patchy and scaly. It can also be accompanied by asthma or hay fever. While no cure has […]

逆时针 vs 水光针 vs 婴儿针

SAC Aesthetics Clinic Face Lifts & Skin Treatments

在谈到皮肤注射剂时,这是患者最常问的问题之一。如果您碰巧不知道标题上的所说的治疗方法,您可以参考我们以下帖子。 逆时针 水光针 婴儿针 我们为什么要对这些治疗方法进行比较? 这3种治疗方法在某些方面有相似之处,对于外行人来说,也正是这些相似之处让我们感到困惑,认为它们都是一样的。 它们都是可注射的治疗方法,通常以人工或注射器在面部皮肤上进行多次注射的形式进行。 它们能改善受到干燥、细纹和松弛困扰的老化皮肤。 它们不会改变我们的脸形。 逆时针和水光针都含有像皮肤填充剂一样的透明质酸(HA),但由于结构不同,它们不会增加面部的体积。 那么,哪种治疗方法是最好的? 嗯,这个问题并没有正确的答案。逆时针,水光针和婴儿针各有各的好。应该问的问题反而是: “哪种治疗方法对我来说是最好的?” 这三种治疗方法都有其特殊的品质,并已被证明在其各自的领域内是有效的,如果操作得当,会有明显的效果。更重要的是,必然是根据病人的独特皮肤需求和问题选择最适合病人的治疗方法。这些问题可能是皮肤松弛、干燥、皮肤纹理、毛孔大小、疤痕、肤色不均,甚至是以上所有。 首先,我们先看一下这3种产品之间的一些基本区别。 可注射式 内容简介 疼痛评分 频度 效果 逆时针 64毫克/注射器 2毫升/注射器 2/10 2个疗程,间隔1个月 补水 丰满肌肤 改善肤质 减少皮肤松弛 适度的提升效果 水光针 15-20毫克/注射器 1毫升/注射器 4/10 3-4次,间隔1个月 补水 肌肤增白 婴儿针 2毫升/注射器 6/10 3-4次,间隔1个月 改善皮肤质量 微量补水效果   那么,‘谁’会从哪种治疗中受益? 水光针 什么是水光针,谁将会从水光针中受益最大? 水光针被俗称为注射保湿剂。它是一种基于将游离透明质酸多次微量注射到皮肤中以增加皮肤里的水分水平的治疗方法。透明质酸是一种结合水的分子,能够容纳其自身重量10,000倍的水分。常见的品牌包括Restylane Vital Lite和Teosyal Redensity I。 那些主要想改善皮肤干燥以及想让自己的肤色有一些光彩和光泽的病人,水光针更适合您。 水光针注射需要至少3次疗程,每个疗程间隔一个月,以达到持久的光泽。停工期通常为3-5天,由于治疗过程中会有许多的注射点和不同的注射深度,术后通常会留下微小的注射痕迹,不过也有可能会出现瘀伤。水光针可以通过医生手工注射或使用注射器进行,或两者混合使用。 婴儿针 […]

Look Flawless in your Zoom Meetings with these 7 Skin Care Tips

You look at your schedule – there are 10 Zoom meetings in the coming week. But your skin looks dull and marks from your recent breakout are still visibly there. You start worrying about how you are going to get your skin in shape for the coming meetings.  The scenario above is not uncommon nowadays. […]

SAC Teleconsult

Get your skin and aesthetic concerns checked from wherever you are! In light of the COVID-19 social distancing measures, we are offering SAC Teleconsult. This SAC Teleconsult service allows our current and potential clients to connect with our aestheticians and doctors during clinic operating hours for non-urgent consults. After assessment and consultation, we will be […]

Tips to find the best aesthetic clinic

Putting yourself in the hands of anyone is not an easy thing to do to get aesthetic treatment. It can be an act of trust and faith. So, always select the best clinic to treat any of your problems. Things to consider while finding the best aesthetic clinic 1. Select an experienced doctor 2. Do […]

Tips to select the best aesthetic clinic

Since now you have decided to undertake the skin treatment that will solve a number of your issues, you have taken the right decision. Now comes the difficult time when you have to decide from which aesthetic clinic Singapore you should have the treatment. While selecting is not so difficult but you have to make […]

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