Acne Scar Treatment

If you have acne scars, it is likely that you have already tried treatments that do not work on those scars – skin care, ineffective toning lasers, chemical peels, and more. Don’t waste any more time and money on these treatments that have no impact on these scars at all!

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are permanent skin textural changes that occur on the skin as a result of moderate to severe acne. They appear generally as indentations on the skin but can come in different forms. Strictly speaking, skin discoloration due to acne, like redness or darkening of skin, is not acne scarring. Instead, it is known as post-inflammatory erythema or hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation.

How do acne scars form?

Acne scar formation is almost always due to severe acne. Severe inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin lead to structural changes in the skin, and skin indentation. Ironically, squeezing and manipulating nodular or cystic acne can lead to more severe scarring.
Common areas with acne scars are the cheeks and the temples, where severe acne usually appears.

Types of Acne Scars

Acne scars can appear in 4 ways:

  • Boxcar scar – broad, usually rectangular skin depression with steep edges
  • Rolling scar – broad, shallow skin depression with sloping edges
  • Ice pick scar – deep, narrow skin depression with steep edges
  • Hypertrophic scar – raised, bumpy scar

Most people may have 2 to 3 different types of scars when they visit us for consultation and treatment.

How do we treat acne scars in Singapore?

Most people have a combination of scars after suffering from severe acne. Therefore, treatment has to be tailored to an individual’s skin condition after consulting a doctor.

There is no one-size-fits-all package treatment as advertised by many places out there. This broad strokes treatment approach simply does not work for everyone and you may end up wasting your money and time doing treatments that are not even suitable for your scars to begin with.

Most people with acne scars will require a combination of treatments to achieve results. Acne scars can be treated with the following:

  • Laser – such as CO2 and PICO fractional.
  • Injection – dermal fillers, rejuran S, rejuran healer, radiesse.
  • Subcision
  • Radiofrequency treatment

Laser treatments for acne scars

As a general piece of advice, do not do mild laser toning for your acne scars because they do not work.

Instead, using a CO2 fractional laser is very effective in treating acne scars. It still remains as a widely accepted standard in treating severe acne scars. Recovery time is about 1 week.

Additionally, the Pico laser is a relatively newer technology that can be used to treat acne scars and acne marks with less downtime of about 3 to 5 days. Pico laser causes less damage to the surrounding skin. Therefore, it is a safer, more precise laser treatment option for acne scars.

Long pulse lasers such as Gentlemax Pro laser are useful in treating acne marks (post inflammatory redness or hyperpigmentation).

It is important to note that generally speaking, laser treatments for acne scars will 100% cause a significant downtime. The cost of laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore ranges from $300 – $600 per session.

Injection treatments for acne scars

Injection treatment is often done in combination with other treatments such as subcision and lasers.

Dermal fillers (juvederm, restylane etc), Rejuran S and sometimes collagen filler (Radiesse) can all be used to treat acne scars. These materials are being injected directly into and under the scars to elevate the skin, stimulate collagen and help with skin remodeling and healing.

These injection treatments are particularly useful for shallow rolling and atrophic scars.

The cost of injection treatments for acne scars in Singapore is about $600 – $1000 per syringe.


Some acne scars remain resistant to laser treatments because of the presence of scar tissue under the scars that “pull” the skin down. This can be improved with subcision treatment.

Subcision involves using a needle to manually “cut” and release the fibrous tissue underneath the scar. This results in less tethering of the skin by the scar tissue, therefore improving the appearance of the acne scars. Recovery time is about 5 days.

The cost of subcision in Singapore is about $200 – $500.

Radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) treatment uses heat energy to create deep heating of the skin, resulting in skin remodelling and improvement in scars.

RF such as thermage, venus RF and microneedling RF can help improve acne scars.

In summary, acne scars are complex and need to be treated in a holistic manner. A thorough consultation and assessment with a doctor is important before initiating any treatment. Almost all patients with acne scars will need a combination of treatments to produce optimal results. One-size-fits-all scar treatment package is not the right way to treat acne scars.

Needleless Serum Infusion Treatment

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the world and changed our lives in so many ways. Wearing a mask when we are out has become the new norm. Working from home has become the default for a lot of us. These changes inevitably cause some of us to alter our lifestyle drastically, including staying up late, eating unhealthy meals and forgetting to exercise. This indirectly causes our skin quality to deteriorate and become more prone to acne and scars. In addition, wearing a mask in our hot and humid climate leads to developing mask-related acne, or commonly known as maskne.

How do we deal with these adverse skin changes due to mask wearing and poor lifestyle? Here are the 5 tips that can help improve and maintain your skin quality during this period.

Invest in good skin care products

We often ignore the importance of skin care (and skin care products) when we are not meeting people regularly. It is as if we take care of our skin just to look good in front of others. Like it or not, how you look does affect your self esteem and confidence. Good skin makes you look and feel good about yourself.

Invest in yourself – by investing in good and suitable skin care products. Use quality cleanser, moisturiser, sunblock and skin anti-ageing serum such as vitamin C and peptide serum diligently. This will keep your skin under control on good and bad days, and reduce the likelihood of having acne breakouts and acne scars.

Protect your skin from the sun, and cleanse your face thoroughly each time after you workout. This can prevent bacteria proliferation around the facial skin that leads to acne.

Have good regular facial treatment

Due to prolonged mask wearing, there is often trapped moisture around the face. This causes congested skin and pores, which becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that inevitably leads to maskne. It also does not help that some people do not change or wash their mask regularly. This explains a sudden increase in acne breakouts during this pandemic period. Therefore, what you do at home (cleansing) may not be sufficient sometimes.

Go for a regular facial treatment, such as the popular Hydrafacial. Hydrafacial is an effective multi-step treatment that combines the benefits of hydra der­mabrasion, a chemical peel and painless extractions with a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. This helps cleanse the facial skin more thoroughly and improve overall skin hydration and skin health.

Use retinol

Retinol is a form of vitamin A, which is one of the body’s key nutrients for boosting cell turnover. It is commonly used to treat acne and reduce wrinkles.

Retinol works by triggering the skin cells to turnover faster so that new skin cells can generate. By doing so, it also helps increase the production of essential chemicals such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that help improve overall skin quality.

Retinol helps improve acne skin by accelerating cell turnover and reduces oil production. Decreased oil production prevents oil from clogging up pores and helps to prevent acne.
Collectively, this results in a smoother skin with less acne. Add a retinol in your skin care routine!

Try facial laser

Facial laser treatment has set a new standard for skin rejuvenation treatment. Laser helps improve skin pigmentation, pores, acne, overall skin tone and skin texture.

Gentlemax Pro laser helps improve acne, acne redness and acne scars.It can be done regularly to keep your skin under control.

Pico laser toning is a lunchtime laser treatment that you can do on a monthly basis to help improve your overall skin quality and maintain a radiant and glowy skin tone. It is almost painless with minimal to no downtime, perfect for individuals with busy schedules.

See a doctor

If you struggle with keeping up with your adverse skin changes, perhaps it is time to seek professional help. Sometimes, in more severe cases, you may require medications such as antibiotic cream, retinoids (stronger version of retinol) and antibiotic tablets to treat maskne. These can only be prescribed by doctors.

Let your doctor assess your skin condition and prescribe the most appropriate medication and treatment for you.

If your acne has subsided and you end up left with scars — typically lumps or uneven bumps — you may want to seek effective remedies in reversing the condition. Here are a few typical acne scarring treatments available in Singapore skin clinics.

Laser treatment: A nonsurgical procedure, where your skin is exposed to laser beams that provide high levels of energy. This removes the outer layers of skin and heats up the skin, and stimulates regeneration.

Radiofrequency microneedling: This is comparable to laser therapy, except that insulated microscopic needles and radiofrequency are used rather than lasers. These direct the energy to targeted spots. These are offered under brand names such as Infini and Venus Viva.

Chemical peels: Sounds gross, but it is only an acid solution that is applied to the skin to slough off the surface. Remember how we mentioned creams with salicylic to help exfoliate skin? Think as an amped-up variant of that of chemical peels. Based on the solution it could be sold under a brand name such as TCA Cross or as a chemical peel that is generic.

Subcision: This is a surgical process to bumpy skin with depressed scars. A needle is inserted to break down the scar tissue, elevating up the scar .

Punch excision/grafting: This one is kind of a”cut & paste” method. The scar not unlike a cookie cutter cuts . Then a plug of skin is used to fill the emptiness up. The graft is held in place with steri-strips sutures, or a unique skin glue.

Dermal fillers: Not especially a acne scar remedy, but frequently provided by skin clinics to plump up the epidermis and make it appear younger and smoother. In the process, a protein called hyaluronic gel is injected beneath the skin’s surface. It marketed under brand names such as Juvederm and Restylane.

Acne scars are stubborn, and no single treatment is best for everyone. Various methods may help improve your complexion. Your doctor may suggest one or a combination of these acne scar treatment Singapore.

Home skin care

The look of the scars that disturb your color of the skin might be improved with the counter bleaching products and the usage of the sunscreen to stop the contrast.

Soft tissue fillers

Injecting collagen or fat under the skin and in to the indented scars can round out or extend the skin. This makes the scars less recognizable. Results are not permanent, so you would need to reuse the injections time to time.

Laser resurfacing

This is the procedure that uses the laser to improve the look of the skin without any pain.

Other energy-based procedures

The pulsed light sources and the radio recurrence gadgets help make scars less recognizable without harming the external layer of the skin. Results are precise and you may need to repeat the methodology.


This technique is normally held for progressively serious scarring. It includes evacuating the upper layer of skin with a quickly moving wire brush. The scars on the surface might be totally removed, and the acne scars that are deeper might look less noticeable.

Chemical peeling

The high strength acid is applied to the skin to eradicate the upper layer and lessen the deeper scars.

Needling or rolling

This includes rolling the needle studded gadget over the skin to trigger the fundamental tissue. It is a simple, safe and potentially working procedure for the skin acne scarring. The outcome is temporary, and you might have to repeat the procedure.


A minor technique that is called the punch excision, in which your medic cuts out the acne scars and works on the wound with the stitches or skin graft. One more method is called subcision comprises your medic to insert the needles underneath your skin to loosen the fibers that are below the scar, in order to improve its look.

Botox injections

At times the skin near the acne scars wrinkles. Calming the area with the help of an injection of the BOTOX or Botulinum Toxin improves the appearance of the skin. You would need to reoccur the injections time to time. This is a good acne scar treatment Singapore.

Why get these treatments?

The treatments that we have mentioned above are beneficial as all of these treatments can be used to treat the acne scars. Many people have used these treatments and they all got some good results. We have mentioned 9 treatments and you can get the treatment that you think is best. Some of these treatments will not even hurt you and these treatments are best for the people who don’t want to undergo a surgery.

These treatments are not very complex to work but you should take the advice of a skin doctor before you start any medication. Self-medication in any manner can have serious effects that might make the condition worse. You will find many other beneficial acne scar treatment Singapore too.

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Whether you are suffering from tissue scars or hypertrophic scars, getting the best treatment to get rid of these acne scars can be the most important thing for you. Some acne scars can be permanent while some can go away with time. But if the acne scars that you have on your face are making you embarrassed and self-conscious, then you must think about the ways by which these can be treated effectively.

Types of acne scars that you can get

If you want to have the best acne scar treatment Singapore, then you must know about the types of treatments that you can get at clinics. Following are some different treatments which are being used to minimize the appearance of acne scars:

1. Chemical peels

2. Laser

3. Filers

4. Skin Grafting

5. Punch excisions

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can also be used to decrease the appearance of your acne scars effectively. A chemical peel can be administrated by whether a doctor, nurse practitioner, or a nurse. In this process, a chemical will be used to apply on your skin to remove its outer layer to give your skin a smooth and an even look. But having this treatment you may have redness after a few days of your treatment.


Laser treatment can also be used to treat your acne scars. Your dermatologist may use laser treatment to remove the outer layer or counter area of your acne scars. Various types of lasers are being used for this treatment, and the use of one depends on the type and degree of your acne scars.


In some specific type of acne scars, the fillers can be used to minimize the appearance of the acne scars. As fillers have the ability to be absorbed into your skin. A substance such as hyaluronic acid, fat or collagen can be used to fill certain types of acne scars, particularly those which are resulted as a depressed appearance of the skin.

Skin Grafting

In the process of skin grafting, a doctor may pick a small piece of your skin and use that to fill the acne scars of your skin. The skin which is being used for this treatment is usually taken from the area which is behind your ear. This way of treatment can also be used with other acne scar treatments with ease.

Punch excisions

This is a type of skin surgery which is being used to remove the acne scars that you have on your face. In this type of treatment, acne scars can be removed by individual excising or by cutting out the scars. The hole which is left can be repaired with skin grafting or stitches.

You must learn about the treatments which can be used to remove or reduce the appearance of these acne scars and by which you will be able to get clear and fresh skin with ease. The acne scars treatments are not cure-alls typically and are not being covered by insurance commonly. But these can be the most beneficial to minimize the appearance of acne scars.

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The worst nightmare teenagers mostly face are the acne or a potential breakout when you wake up in the morning and getting ready and suddenly you notice a pimple. Oh, the entire day is ruined. Nevertheless, there are good days also, where your pimple is heading towards its end and you are very happy about it. The last thing you want to see now is the acne scar, what if the acne scar still remains and gives you a bad vibe? Don’t worry, we are here to save you, there are many acne scar treatments Singapore that can help you in getting rid of the reminder of that horrible pimples. These can help to smoothen the skin and to minimize the appearance of the scars.

If the scars are disfiguring and severe and it affects you emotionally then you can easily go for opting any of the following acne scare treatments Singapore:

1. Dermabrasion:
This is extremely effective acne scar treatment, it utilizes a high-speed brush or some other instrument to provide you with a smooth surface of the skin and reduces or even remove the depth of the acne scars. Though these are effective but they may need to heal for several days after the treatment.

2. A less-intensive treatment:
If you are looking for less intensive dermabrasion then micro-dermabrasion can help you. It will smooth your skin by a spray of extremely small crystals. The aesthetician or dermatologist will perform the procedure and it might take more than one treatment to achieve the desired results also there is no downtime.

3. Chemical peels:
You should consider these things before having a chemical peel applied to your face. Chemical peels help to decrease the appearance of light acne scars and hyperpigmentation around the healed acne bruise. A chemical is applied to the skin to discard the outer layer while giving it an even and smoother appearance. However, you may feel redness and skin peel for a few days after the treatment depending on the acid used.

4. Lasers:
Lasers also take more than one treatments and it may take more days to heal. It is used to remove the outer layers of the skin, for contouring acne scar areas and for lighting the redness around the healed acne. The type of the laser used in the process will depend upon the acne scar which can be flat or raised.

5. Fillers:
Fillers are used to filling out the acne scars, more frequently those that contribute to the depressed appearance of the skin. Fillers require a substance such as hyaluronic acid, fat or collagen to fill in the scar. The filler injection is repeated every few months because they absorb into the skin eventually. The repeating of the fillers will depend on the type of the product. The downtime, however, is not limited for this treatment.

You can choose any of the above treatments depending on how severe your scars are and how much you are willing to do to eliminate them.

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