To secure the best in-clinic aesthetic treatment results, a meticulous post-treatment regime s necessary. After all, lasers, chemical peels and radiofrequency microneedling involve applying controlled trauma to the skin, triggering a rejuvenating healing process.

This is why I routinely recommend Calecim Professional Serum to my patients. Derived from lab grown Mesenchymal and Epithelial Stem cells, this serum contains high concentrations of stem cell-secreted growth factors, cytokines and proteins.

When used to treat distressed skin, these cellular signals boost wound healing by increasing cellular proliferation and levels of collagen/elastin/glycoproteins, resulting in faster recovery and an enhanced final result.


1. How is this serum used?

Calcecim Professional Serum is used after in-clinic treatments for 3-5 days. Apply a thin layer twice daily, before other products such as moisturizer or sunscreen.

2. Can this treatment be used on wounds?

Yes. Some studies show that this treatment is helpful in wound healing (eg burns, abrasions), under medical supervision.

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