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From clearer skin to a sleeker body shape. The doctors at SAesthetics Clinic share hair, skin, and body care advice, plus treatments to complement your existing skincare and exercise routines.

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If you’ve started stepping out more often now, perhaps you’re also ready for a little refresh. Here’s your top-to-toe look-good cheat sheet — complete with pro tips.


Doctor’s tip: The secret to keeping your complexion glowing is to ward off dark spots, wrinkles and skin dullness caused by long-term UV exposure. SAC’s aesthetics doctor, Dr Ashley Yuen, 40, suggests using a sunblock with at least SPF50 every day and reapplying it every three hours. “Don’t shy away from sunblocks even if you have sensitive skin: A mineral formula with aluminium or zinc oxide will work for you,” he says.

Treatments available

More complicated issues like pigmentation, sagging skin, acne scars and tattoo removal can be treated with medical-grade lasers and energy-based devices. The SecretDUO treatment at SAC uses fine gold-plated needles which emit radiofrequency energy to strengthen your skin’s deeper layers, stimulate collagen production and improve acne scars. For an added boost, this is followed by the Erbium Glass laser treatment to tighten skin. The Pico Laser treatment uses two complementary wavelengths of focused light energy to remove unwanted skin pigmentation and tattoos.

And because constant mask-wearing has resulted in many of us getting the dreaded “maskne”, the 45-minute Hydrafacial Elite treatment works to combat it through a hydradermabrasion process that deeply cleanses and exfoliates before infusing a blend of soothing antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

To firm up sagging skin non-surgically and without downtime, there’s the Ultherapy treatment. Ultrasound waves are focused on the deeper layers of the face and neck to trigger collagen production and contraction for a tightening and lifting effect that will reduce signs of facial aging.

Age-related facial volume loss, that sunken look around your cheeks and temples, can make you look tired. This can be addressed with dermal fillers. Containing hyaluronic acid or collagen stimulators, a filler injection by a qualified injector can restore a youthful appearance: Your face will look lifted and more refreshed.

Skin is at its thinnest around the eye area and its also where the first signs of ageing surface.


Doctor’s tip: Skin is at its thinnest around the eye area and it’s also where the first signs of ageing surface. Think dark circles, eyebags, drooping upper eyelids and crow’s feet, which can all make you look tired and older. Dr Tan says the most basic eye care is to “keep the eyelid skin well-moisturised with a good quality eye cream and use sunblock around the eyes to avoid UV exposure”.

Treatments available

Once signs of ageing show up in the eye area, treatments like the Thermage FLX come in useful. Thermage FLX uses a radiofrequency technology to heat up the deeper layers of your skin to promote collagen regeneration that will in turn tighten skin. Suitable for all skin types, it has zero downtime — no redness or peeling. You will also notice some skin tightening after the first session, with full results usually a month later.

For crow’s feet, Botox and Dysport both work to relax facial muscles and even out fine lines and wrinkles. Dr Tan says patients generally see an improvement in a week, with results lasting for three to four months.


Doctor’s tip: Dr Yuen, also a fitness enthusiast, says: “Excess body fat is not only a cosmetic concern, but also carries health risks. It’s associated with multiple diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.”

He shares some easy ways to stay healthy and in shape: “Cut processed foods and white sugar from your diet — avoid sweet drinks, desserts and canned food. Eating time is also important, best not to take a late dinner or supper as the excess energy becomes stored as body fat. And exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes — any activity is okay as long as you enjoy it and break a sweat!”

Treatments available

When your best efforts at revising your diet and exercising have been unsuccessful, the next option is to seek a doctor-supervised weight loss programme*. “Weight management is a complicated issue, I like to spend time with my patients, taking a complete history and then customising the advice and treatments for them individually,” says Dr Yuen.

At SAC, a comprehensive health screening will identify the early stages of any obesity-related diseases, and when medically indicated, weight loss medication** maybe prescribed.

If you are of an ideal weight and lead a healthy lifestyle but can’t seem to get rid of stubborn body fat around areas like the lower abdomen, thighs and arms, cryolipolysis might be a solution. More commonly known as fat freezing, this non- invasive treatment uses the Clatuu Alpha device to cool targeted areas to minus 10 deg C and “kill” fat cells. Dr Yuen explains, “Crystallised fat cells are then flushed out from the body naturally, and the remaining fat in the treated area becomes leaner.”

Side effects include mild numbness, redness and sometimes a mild achy sensation around the treated area for up to one week. The number of sessions needed depends on individual body type, notes Dr Yuen, but improvements will be noticeable by all after the first session.


Doctor’s tip: Dr Tan, who has an interest in treating diseases that cause hair loss, such as male and female pattern baldness, shares that by the age of 60, 70 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women would have suffered some form of hair loss. This can be due to aging, genetics, hormones, or nutritional deficiencies, such as a lack of iron, vitamin C, or vitamin Bl2.

“It is normal to lose up to 50 strands of hair per day, but anything above 100 strands is abnormal. Signs of abnormal hair loss include a bald spot, a receding hairline and hair coming out in large clumps. It’s best to seek medical attention early if you are experiencing any of these symptoms,” adds Dr Tan.

Treatments available

The SAC Hair Restoration program*** uses a combination of clinically proven prescription medication, supplements and low level laser therapy to help support hair loss. “If there is advanced hair loss, a medical professional can perform a hair transplant which involves transferring healthy hair follicles onto areas where there are signs of hair loss, like the hairline,” Dr Tan adds.

*There is no scientific proof that any slimming program can achieve permanent weight loss; except when accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercise”
**Used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise

***There is no conclusive scientific proof any product (except certain registered medicinal products) or service can retard hair loss or promote hair growth.

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