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Thermage Treatment Singapore | S Aesthetics Clinic

The New Thermage FLX – Non-invasive treatment to contour the face, tighten skin, pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 2020. What is Thermage? Thermage FLX is the newest iteration (4th generation) of the popular Thermage treatment.  It is the premier and most effective skin tightening treatment that can help combat loss of skin […]

Dark Eye Circles Removal

What are dark eye circles? Dark circles refer to darkening of the skin under the lower eyelids. They are common in both men and women. Often made worse by eye bags, dark circles can make you appear older and more tired than you are.  How do dark eye circles form?  The formation of dark eye […]

Devil’s Lips/ Octopus Lips

A beauty fad gone too far. Beauty fads come and go, but some, more dangerous than others. In the recent years, social media has had a huge influence in the rise lip enhancement procedures – and in-office lip procedures have skyrocketed. However, what is deemed beautiful has evolved over the years. In the 80s and […]

How to Removal a Mole

Mole Removal FAQs 1. Is the black dot on my skin a mole? Moles are small coloured spots on the skin. Their colour can vary from light brown to black and can be flat or protruding. Some may even have hair growing on them. Most people have them and there is usually nothing to worry […]

Fat Freeze vs Fat Burn: Which is better?

One too many times do we meet a person who has been dieting and exercising regularly, but just cannot get rid of a few spots of stubborn excess fat. The only solution used to be liposuction, that is until the last few years when the advent of fat busting treatments on the medical aesthetics market […]

10 Hydroquinone Alternatives

Hydroquinone is one of the most famous whitening agents. It is most studied to date, and very effective. However, it does have some serious side effects, can be irritating to skin and has been heavily restricted in some countries.  Today, we look at some of the other whitening agents on the market, how they work […]