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Sunscreen – What’s Inside?

With such a wide range of sun protection products in the market, choosing one that works for your skin can be difficult and confusing.  What do we look at and how do we choose the best sunscreen for our skin? Sunscreen helps to shield our skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays in 2 ways:  By scattering […]

Melasma: How NOT to treat melasma

‘Doctor, can you hit my pigments with a stronger laser?’ –  How NOT to treat melasma.  ‘Pico’ or Pico Laser has in the last 2 years became one of the most commonly heard buzzwords in the treatment of pigmentation, so much that it has become very common for patients turning up at aesthetic clinics requesting […]

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet rays / Ultraviolet radiation. Why do we need to protect ourselves against it? We often get asked to put on sunscreen before going out in the sun. Why is it so important?  What are ultraviolet rays? Our bodies are exposed to many forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum on a daily basis. These […]