Aesthetic Treatment For Men

Historically, the study of aesthetic medicine and beauty primarily focuses on women that men have been largely ignored. Despite increasing demand from men, most cosmetic services in the market are still catered to women only. What about men? Men want to look good too!

What about men?

First and foremost, we need to have a better understanding of male face anatomy. How is it different from the female face? Only when we know the answer to this question, can we then decide what cosmetic treatment is suitable for men. The male face is quite unique and must be approached and treated differently from female face. Let us look at some unique characteristics of the male face:

1) Male facial skin is thicker and more coarse due to male hormones. It has more sweat and oil production. These result in more prominent pores and uneven skin texture.

2) Men are more likely to be exposed to the sun which results in accelerated skin ageing and pigmentation.

3) Men have less face and soft tissue in the cheek area (3mm less than women). Therefore, men have flatter cheeks.

4) Men are more prone to severe and deep facial wrinkles. Women tend to have more superficial wrinkles. This is due to thicker facial skin, a more prominent facial musculature and  less fat tissue in the face.

5) Men are more likely to suffer from hair loss – androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss).


Summary: Men appear older than their age when compared to women.

This explains the increasing demand in men’s aesthetic treatment.

What aesthetic treatments are suitable for men? Let us answer this based on points 1) to 5).

1) Pores, scars and uneven facial skin texture

These can be improved with skin booster and laser treatment.


Rejuran Healer and Skin Booster treatment

Rejuran Healer contains polynucleotide extracted from Salmon DNA. Skin Booster contains hyaluronic acid and other skin rejuvenation ingredients.

They can be delivered into your facial skin with a series of micro-injections to improve pores, scars, skin texture and skin hydration.

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Clear + Brilliant Laser

Clear + Brilliant Laser is an advanced revolutionary laser rejuvenation technology designed to combat and prevent skin ageing. It functions like a fractional laser with minimal downtime. It works by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy tissue. This can effectively improve pores, scars and skin texture.

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Laser Carbon Peel Rejuvenation

Laser stimulates collagen formation which effectively tightens the skin and shrinks pores and scars. This results in a smoother and more even facial skin texture. The whole treatment only takes 5-10 minutes with no downtime.

Laser carbon peel treatment effectively removes the dead skin layer and impurities in the skin, and at the same time stimulates collage formation deep inside the skin. This can improve pores, scars and uneven facial skin texture.

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CO2 Fractional Laser

CO2 Laser is a non-invasive laser that uses a device to deliver a LASER beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time. This effectively removes layers of skin tissues in fractionated method, leaving the surrounding skin intact to aid in healing.

This treatment causes skin cells over treated area to regenerate and reproduce more rapidly, therefore can effectively improve pores and acne scars, improve lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture and colour, and improve sun damaged skin.

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2) Pigmentation

Men are more likely to be exposed to the sun therefore are more prone to sun-related pigmentation.

Topical pigmentation cream in combination with pigment laser treatment can effectively improve skin pigmentation. Regular pigmentation treatment gives men a spot free face, looking more radiant and confident.

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3) Facial volume loss

The solution to this is dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are very useful in men because of their relative lack of volume in the face especially in the cheek area.

Another popular use of dermal fillers in men is for masculinisation of male’s face.


Masculinisation of male’s face – Nose, Jawline & Chin

Nose filler makes the nose bridge higher and more defined.

Fillers can be placed strategically in the jawline and chin to create a more prominent and defined lower face – Brad Pitt’s face. This results in an overall more masculine face.

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Cheek filler

Men generally have flatter cheeks than women. A correct amount and location of cheek fillers can help create some volume around the cheeks. Instead of filling up the anterior and medial cheeks, which is usually done for women, fillers should be focused along the zygomatic arch for men. This creates a full but more defined and masculine looking face.

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4) Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be improved with Botulinum Toxin injection, laser and fillers.

Given the facial anatomical differences, botulinum injection should be tailored to the male face to avoid over-feminising the face. The dosage and the location of injections may differ slightly from what is being used in women.

The common wrinkled areas of men’s face that can be improved with botulinum injection:

– forehead lines

– frown lines

– crow’s feet

– chin wrinkling

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5) Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is so common in men that it affects 70% of men at some point of their lives. It can be embarrassing and frustrating.

This condition can be treated with Regenera Activa, an advanced regenerative technology designed for male pattern hair loss treatment.

In combination with hair growth spray, oral hair growth supplement or low level laser threapy, Regenera Activa is a very suitable treatment for men who are not ready for surgical hair transplant yet.

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Aesthetic treatment is also for men. In fact, there are more reasons for men to have aesthetic treatment done. Afterall, men want to look good too!

 The importance of understanding men’s face is critical in providing appropriate aesthetic treatment to ensure a successful outcome. Come in and let our experienced doctors assess your face and recommend the best aesthetic treatment for you.